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11 Dubai traffic fines you may not know about

We consciously reduce the speed of our cars around radars, pay special attention at pedestrian crossings, and slow down as soon as the green traffic light starts blinking — to avoid traffic fines.


We list out some of them for you (click here for the complete list):

1. Opening the left door of taxi – Dh100 fine and three black points

2. Broken indicator lights – Dh100 fine and two black points

3. Driving without spectacles or contact lenses – Dh100 fine

4. Using interior lights for no reason while driving – Dh100 fine

5. Using horn in a disturbing way – Dh100 and two black points

6. Not carrying driving license while driving – Dh100 fine

7. Number plates with unclear numbers – Dh200 and three black points

8. Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left – Dh200

9. Driving with one number plate – Dh200 and two black points

10. Driving with tires in poor condition – Dh200 and vehicle confiscated for seven days

11. Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission – Dh200




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